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Social Sciences team from the University of Vienna visit the Initiative

From the 12th to the 13th of July 2021, the initiative received a visit from a Social Sciences team from the University of Vienna (UNIVIE), represented by Prof. Dr. Ulrike Felt, Timo Buhler and Carsten Horn. The UNIVIE team participates in the ICU4COVID and Smart4Health projects, aggregating social studies to the implementation and development of the technological solutions presented in these projects, the impact among professionals and the implications to participants. The team expressed interest in obtaining more information about the initiative and the dissemination activities of the digital solutions offered by the two projects in Madeira. During their visit, other Horizon 2020 projects currently in the Region, their objectives and areas of activity were also presented. Demonstrations of the equipment used in the different projects were also performed. Finally, under the scope of the User Engagement Exercises (USEEs) of Smart4Health, the UNIVIE team had the opportunity to exchange views with the participants of the project on the use of the platform. Under the scope of these USEEs, a meeting was held between Professor Ulrike Felt and Professor Élvio Gouveia (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Madeira) and Dr. Pedro Pereira (Doctor of Internal Medicine from the “Machico Health Centre”). In these meetings, each professional solidified the knowledge about their respective activities and the interconnection with the objectives of the Smart4Health project.

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